Socrates and An-archic Subjects

New School for Social Research: Philosophy

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Socrates and An-archic Subj

Fall 2019

Taught By: Simona Forti

Section: A

CRN: 7046

Credits: 3

From Kierkegaard to Peter Sloterdijk, from Pierre Hadot to Jonathan Lear, from Richard Bernstein to Alexander Nehamas, many have seen in Socrates the teacher of a way of life “out of place” or “out of joint”, who with his irony shatters social normativity and common beliefs. The possibility of domination depends on the way people constitute themselves as subjects: how they respond to, support, accept, or react against relations of power. In this seminar we will investigate the conditions of possibility for an idea of the self as capable of dissidence and resistance, capable of being not only “out of place” but “a-narchic”. We will read texts by Arendt, Foucault, Schürmann, and Agamben, among others.

College: New School for Social Research (GF)

Department: Philosophy (GPHI)

Campus: New York City (GV)

Course Format: Seminar (R)

Max Enrollment: 15

Add/Drop Deadline: September 9, 2019 (Monday)

Online Withdrawal Deadline: November 17, 2019 (Sunday)

Seats Available: Yes

Status: Closed*

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Meeting Info:

Days: Wednesday

Times: 4:00pm - 5:50pm

Building: 6 East 16th Street

Room: 1105

Date Range: 8/28/2019 - 12/11/2019