Global Critical Theory

New School for Social Research: Philosophy

Liberal Arts

Graduate Course

Degree Students (with Restrictions)

Global Critical Theory

Fall 2020

Taught By: Chiara Bottici and Benoit Challand

Section: A

CRN: 8761

Credits: 3

Critical theory is often presented as a tradition rooted in the Western philosophical canon, which cannot but reflects its inbuilt androcentrism and Eurocentrsim. Some strands of postcolonial theories are presented as an opposition to that tradition, while revived interests in theories from the ““Global South” or in Third Worldism provide yet another angle to the objectives of emancipation and liberation. This course provides an introduction to global critical theory, that is to a body of thought produced by thinkers from all around the globe and that starts with epistemological questions around conceptions of geographical space (what does it mean to speak about north and south, and east and west? can there be a center in a globe?) and time (what does it mean to divide it into categories such as ancient, modern or contemporary?). Thinkers in the European tradition of critical theory will be discussed and put in conversation with ideas raised by thinkers from or of the “Global South”, and with intellectuals who have worked to span across these artificial geographical divides.

College: New School for Social Research (GF)

Department: Philosophy (GPHI)

Campus: Online (DL)

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Course Format: Lecture (L)

Max Enrollment: 18

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Meeting Info:

Days: Thursday

Times: 1:55pm - 3:45pm

Building: Online Course

Date Range: 9/3/2020 - 12/17/2020