Reproduction, Art & Politics: Performance and Its Afterlives

Eugene Lang College Lib Arts: The Arts

Liberal Arts

Undergraduate Course

Degree Students

Reproduction, Art & Politics

Spring 2021

Taught By: Amalle Dublon

Section: A

CRN: 6974

Credits: 4

This course takes up the multifaceted, much-debated question of reproduction central to aesthetics and ideas of gender, race, and sexuality. What is reproduction, and what conceptual and political knots has it named over the last century of art and critical theory? In the form of recordings, copies, multiples, counterfeits, reperformances, viral phenomena, etc., reproduction is our primary means of access to performance and its history. Re-examining key texts, we will develop a critical vocabulary of reproduction and situate it within histories of thought and art. We will study the racial and sexual politics of reproduction, and in particular questions of time and tempo, matter, form, ecology, labor, and social life. Course material spans artwork and popular culture as well as black studies, Marxist feminism, queer studies, sound studies, visual studies, and art history. Students will develop a series of writing and research projects over the course of the semester. This upper-level course is restricted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

College: Eugene Lang College Lib Arts (LC)

Department: The Arts (LARS)

Campus: New York City (GV)

Course Format: Seminar (R)

Max Enrollment: 18

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Online Withdrawal Deadline: N/A

Seats Available: Yes

Status: Open*

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Meeting Info:

Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Times: 4:00pm - 5:40pm

Building: Eugene Lang 65 W11th

Room: 260

Date Range: 1/19/2021 - 5/6/2021