Loop: The Electronic Image and Its Theories

Eugene Lang College Lib Arts: The Arts

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Loop:The Electronic Image

Spring 2021

Taught By: Soyoung Yoon

Section: A

CRN: 7323

Credits: 4

What is the electronic image? What are the claims made for the electronic image—the ideologies, the beliefs, the fantasies that support its theorizations and practices? And how do these claims differ from a photographic imaginary? And where might we locate the electronic image with and through its related terms of “video,” “the tele-visual,” “the virtual,” and “the digital.” How have artists spoken to these fantasies and anxieties of transmission, immersion and absorption, surveillance and control? This course is organized via case studies of artists’ work, by which we will examine the electronic image in its technological and cultural formations from the 19th century to the present: from discourses of phantasmagoria, hypnotism, telepathy, and spiritualism, alongside engineering innovations such as the Nipkow disk and the cathode ray tube, to 20th and 21st century discourses on communication, cybernetics, information, data, as well as what John Durham Peters has recently described as “elemental media.” The course will seek to meet the aesthetic—and political—challenges of what Friedrich Kittler argued as the consequence of digitalization: “Modulation, transformation, synchronization, delay, memory, transposition; scrambling, scanning, mapping—a total connection of all media on a digital base erases the notion of media itself. Instead of hooking up technologies to people, absolute knowledge can run as an endless loop.”

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