Presenting the Avant-garde: Performance, Exhibition, Network

Eugene Lang College Lib Arts: The Arts

Liberal Arts

Undergraduate Course

Degree Students

Presenting the Avant-garde

Fall 2022

Taught By: Masha Chlenova

Section: AX

CRN: 8921

Credits: 4

This course will examine Cubist, Futurist, Dada, Suprematist, Constructivist, De Stijl and Surrealist art practices, with a particular focus on their strategies of self-presentation, such as public performances and debates, publications, as well as artist-driven exhibitions and museum collections. We will consider such fundamental questions as what constitutes an avant-garde artistic practice, how can it bring about social and political transformation, and what are the most effective strategies for artists to present their work to the public, shaping its reception and securing its legacy. We will study a range of artistic strategies, including collage, readymade, photomontage, and exhibition design, and the networks that avant-garde artists established, which enabled them to cultivate mutually enriching connections that operated across geographical and national boundaries. The course will include visits to museum exhibitions, with particular focus on strategies of presentation and reception; guest lectures by museum curators and artists; and viewing of rare historical materials. This course fulfills the Visual Studies requirement for the Exhibitions as History course.

College: Eugene Lang College Lib Arts (LC)

Department: The Arts (LARS)

Campus: New York City (GV)

Course Format: Seminar (R)

Modality: In-Person

Max Enrollment: 18

Add/Drop Deadline: September 12, 2022 (Monday)

Online Withdrawal Deadline: December 18, 2022 (Sunday)

Seats Available: Yes

Status: Closed*

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Meeting Info:

Days: Thursday

Times: 4:00pm - 6:40pm

Building: Eugene Lang 65 W11th

Room: 261

Date Range: 9/1/2022 - 12/15/2022