COVID-19: Agent of Social Change: A Multi-Country Analysis

Schools of Public Engagement: International Affairs

Liberal Arts

Graduate Course

Degree Students

COVID19 Agent of Social Change

Summer 2020

Taught By: Juan Gonzalez

Section: A

CRN: 2038

Credits: 3

The coronavirus disease 2019 – COVID-19 - is affecting and disrupting all aspects of our lives at a scale never before experienced. It is a phenomenon that cuts across all dimensions of social life, and the virus has become an agent of social change (an “actant” in the sense of Actor Network Theory). This course examines the social consequences of COVID-19 and explores what social arrangements are shaping the effects. In particular, we will select a set of countries for analysis, and trace the social effects in each case. Students will then assess how the different outcomes in these countries were shaped by three factors: 1. Models of health care systems, social protection, food systems, labor markets and work arrangements, housing and other social arrangements; 2. Governance, such as: international and national interactions; territorial organization of the state in different countries (i.e. relations between national and subnational levels – centralized, decentralized, federated); democratic and non-democratic states; 3. Policy responses to the crisis: issuance of rules; design of policies; implementation of strategies; leadership in the different cases. We will use a number of methodologies and concepts from several disciplinary traditions to guide the three exercises: political economy; political ecology; science, technology and society (STS); Actor Network Theory (ANT); institutional analysis; policy analysis. We will also compare the analyses resulting from both quantitative and qualitative methods – methods that are aimed at generalizing and modeling (for example epidemiological models, macroeconomic models), and methods aimed at depicting particular effects on particular groups of people (for example case studies, social mapping, ethnographic type methods, participatory appraisals), and discuss how the different methods contribute differently to understanding the social effects of COVID-19.

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