Virginia Woolf: The Luminous Halo.

Schools of Public Engagement: Humanities

Liberal Arts

Undergraduate Course

Degree Students

Woolf: The Luminous Halo

Summer 2020

Taught By: Margaret Boe Birns

Section: A

CRN: 1919

Credits: 3

In this course we will study one of the 20th centuries most important and influential modernist novelists. Considered the major lyrical novelist in the English language, Woolf’s innovations in the exploration of consciousness is one that allowed her to discard conventional limitations and explore a more-than-ordinary, reality , a reality in which life can lose its material aspect and become a mysterious “luminous halo.” We will study three of Woolf’s major novels, each featuring characters whose mode of consciousness is unusually receptive to impressions from both within and without: A study of a day in the life of privileged socialite and a shell shocked war veteran, as their paths mystically cross; a remembrance of Woolf’s childhood years at her family summer house which become the occasion for a brilliant spiritual and psychological journey; a fantastic and irreverent investigation of gender, biography and history, the arrow of time directing her hero/heroine to the timeless Woolfian values of “contemplation, solitude, love.” Readings: Mrs. Dalloway: To The Lighthouse: Orlando.

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Department: Humanities (NHUM)

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