Environmental Technology 1: Recitation

Parsons School of Design: Constructed Environments

Non-Liberal Arts

Undergraduate Course

Graduate Course

Majors Only

Environmental Tech 1: RecMARC

Fall 2018

Taught By: Andreas Benzing

Section: A

CRN: 2146


This course introduces the fundamentals of energy and environmental management in buildings. Students will develop a conceptual, practical, and experiential knowledge of how the physical aspects of a building mediate between occupants and the elements to make a habitable environment. Course content includes an overview of green building, microclimates, thermal and visual comfort, solar geometry from global and building perspectives, heat transfer and storage mechanisms, thermal properties of materials, building envelope heat transfer, ventilative heat transfer, moisture and vapor control, daylighting, artificial lighting, passive cooling, and mechanical systems.

Pre-requisite(s): none. Co-requisite(s): PSCE 5300 Environmental Technology 1: Lecture. Open to: School of Constructed Environments Undegraduate and Graduate Students only; Others by permission.

College: Parsons School of Design (PS)

Department: Constructed Environments (PSCE)

Campus: New York City (GV)

Course Format: Discussion (C)

Max Enrollment: 23

Enrollment Status: Open*

*Enrollment status information is updated every five minutes. The status of this course may have changed since the last update. Open seats may have restrictions that will prevent some students from registering. Updated: 10:15am 2/18/2019

Meeting Info:

Days: Wednesday

Times: 7:00pm - 8:15pm

Building: Parsons East 25 E13th

Room: 206

Date Range: 8/29/2018 - 12/12/2018