Introduction to Feminist Thought & Action

University Liberal Arts: University Lecture Program

Liberal Arts

Undergraduate Course

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Intro to Feminist Thought

Spring 2021

Taught By: Paul John Gorre

Section: L

CRN: 9184

Credits: 0

Feminism is not a monolith. In fact, it might be more useful to speak of many feminisms that nevertheless share a resistance to the subordination of gendered and sexual minorities wherever and whenever it occurs. Currently, a renewed public consciousness about the prevalence of gender oppression and sexism in all its forms has revitalized feminist thought and action. Moving with this energy, this course offers an introduction to some of key themes and movements that showcase the range of feminist theory and practice. Addressing the often contested development of feminist interventions, we will cultivate a sensitivity to the challenges that accompany engaging in feminist projects—not just as observers of historical trends, but also as contributors to meaningful social change. We will cover topics such as identity, embodiment (including queer theory and trans experience), reproduction, the gendering of work, different feminisms from across the globe, the intersection of sex and gender with race and class, feminism’s relation to environmental concerns, and the political potential feminisms can provide in seeking out more diverse, inclusive, and equitable futures.

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College: University Liberal Arts (UL)

Department: University Lecture Program (ULIB)

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Date Range: 1/19/2021 - 5/4/2021