Topics in Urban History:Berlin

Schools of Public Engagement: University Urban Studies

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Topics in Urban History:Berlin

Fall 2018

Taught By: Robert von Mahs

Section: AX

CRN: 6979

Credits: 3

Berlin, Germany’s present day capital, is by many considered one of the most exciting, vibrant, livable, progressive, and intriguing cities in the world. Yet Berlin is haunted by a tumultuous history which, like no other place, is intrinsically tied to world history and some of the most significant events of the twentieth century. To make this complex history understandable, students will take virtual field trips to select contemporary buildings, memorials, and other sites and thereby chronologically venture through the city’s distinct historic periods starting with the imperial period and Berlin’s rapid growth and industrialization, the “Golden Twenties” and its arguably most progressive phase, the city’s rise and fall during Fascism culminating in its complete destruction during World War II, the subsequent division of the city during the “Cold War”, and eventually its improbable unification following the fall of the wall in 1989. In learning how to approach, study, and analyze urban history, student will learn how to link local circumstances to processes operating at the national and international scale and gain a more profound understanding of how urban history determines present day circumstances and sets a path for the future.

College: Schools of Public Engagement (NS)

Department: University Urban Studies (UURB)

Campus: Online (DL)

Course Format: Seminar (R)

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Date Range: 8/27/2018 - 12/18/2018