Philosophy of Perception

New School for Social Research: Philosophy

Liberal Arts
Graduate Course
Degree Students (with Restrictions)
Philosophy of Perception
Fall 2023
Taught By: Zed Adams
Section: A

CRN: 15630

Credits: 3

This seminar will focus on contemporary debates in the philosophy of perception. We will critically examine recent work on the following questions: Does language shape perception? Can the qualitative character of perceptual experience be adequately put into words (or, alternately, communicated through art)?What makes a process perceptual? Is there a border between perception and cognition? If so, how should it be defined? How are sense modalities individuated? Do intermodal effects undermine the very idea of distinct senses? What is the nature of objects of perception?

College: New School for Social Research (GF)

Department: Philosophy (PHI)

Campus: New York City (GV)

Course Format: Seminar (R)

Modality: In-Person

Max Enrollment: 18

Add/Drop Deadline: September 11, 2023 (Monday)

Online Withdrawal Deadline: November 19, 2023 (Sunday)

Seats Available: Yes

Status: Closed*

* Status information is updated every few minutes. The status of this course may have changed since the last update. Open seats may have restrictions that will prevent some students from registering. Updated: 3:34am EST 2/25/2024

Meeting Info:
Days: Tuesday
Times: 8:00pm - 9:50pm
Building: 6 East 16th Street
Room: 1102
Date Range: 8/29/2023 - 12/5/2023