Here are some tips for using the University Course Catalog. Non-current course descriptions can be found in The New School Course Description Archive.

Basic Search and Filter

Basic Search: Enter any piece of course information in the search bar. You can search by the instructor’s name, course title, subject code, course number, CRN, department, or by a keyword from the course description.

Filters: Filters narrow your search results. The Course Catalog has two levels of filters.

  • Standard Filters: The following filters appear at the top of the page: college or school, term, campus (including online), undergraduate or graduate, and course status (open, closed, or waitlist).
  • Advanced Filters: Click “Show Advanced Filters” to refine your search by department, subject code, or day and time.

You can combine searching and filtering to find courses or use these functions independently.

Results: Results are dynamic, so they will be updated with each change that you make to your criteria in the search bar and/or filters. Courses that match your criteria will appear below the filters.

For each course in the results, you can click on the row to see basic information, such as day and time, for each section offered. The course status (whether the course is open or closed, and whether there is a waitlist) will appear on the left, and will be time-stamped. Select the “Course Page” icon on the far right to see detailed information about the course and its sections.

Advanced Tips

Refining Your Search: In the search bar, you can use Boolean operators to help refine your results. For instance, if you want to search for courses related to painting that do not include the term “modern,” type “painting -modern.” If you wish to find courses related to painting that do include the term “modern,” type “painting +modern.”

URL Builder: If you have search and filter parameters that you will regularly use, click “Bookmark This Search” on the right. Copy the URL at the top of the page. You can use this URL to repeat the search in the future.

Resetting Filters: As you add filters to your query, red tags will appear under the filter selection area. To clear a particular filter from your search, click on the corresponding tag. To clear all filters and search terms from your current query, click the “Reset Search” button.