Latin American History and Politics

Eugene Lang College Lib Arts: History

Liberal Arts
Undergraduate Course
Degree Students
Latin Amer. History & Politics
Fall 2024
Taught By: Julian Gomez Delgado
Section: AX

CRN: 17378

Credits: 4

This course will offer a broad overview of modern Latin America since independence but with a primary focus on the twentieth century to the present. Collectively, we will explore the socioeconomic, cultural, and political processes that shape life in Latin America. Among the key issues to be discussed will be colonialism, populism, socialism, feminism, and neoliberalism. The course will raise the following questions: How does colonialism shape the life conditions of Latin Americans in the present? How have people historically coped with economic inequality, austerity, and political conflict? What kind of political projects and cultural imaginaries have resulted out of processes of revolution and counter-revolution in Latin America and the Caribbean? Authors will include political theorists, historians, social scientists, novelists, and activists, such as Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, José Carlos Mariátegui, Verónica Gago, Eden Medina, and René Zavaleta. The class will also explore various sources: monographs, declarations of independence, art manifestos, magazines, literature, films, and songs.

College: Eugene Lang College Lib Arts (LC)

Department: History (HIS)

Campus: New York City (GV)

Course Format: Seminar (R)

Modality: In-Person

Max Enrollment: 18

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Days: Wednesday
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Date Range: 8/26/2024 - 12/4/2024