Reclaiming Sacred Ecologies through Mindfulness

Schools of Public Engagement: Milano General Curriculum

Non-Liberal Arts
Undergraduate Course
Graduate Course
Degree Students
Mindfulness & Sacred Ecologies
Fall 2023
Taught By: Faculty TBA
Section: A

CRN: 11694

Credits: 3

Informed by decolonization approaches and socio-ecological perspectives, this course centers individual and collective healing, identity examinations, critical and generative reflections for flourishing in the context of our relationship with the natural environment using mindfulness and contemplative pedagogy and technological immersion experience through VR. The course will utilize 3D VR infrastructure for enhancing the collective/group experience of shared exploration, peer learning, and community building. By the successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1) Develop and articulate their own relationship with the physical and natural environment; 2) Conduct socio-ecological history of a location of choice; 3) Take, edit, and share 3-D videos of places that are personally sacred/meaningful to them; 4) Develop, refine, and use interview protocols for data collection; 5) Code interview data to identify key themes around a phenomenon.

College: Schools of Public Engagement (NS)

Department: Milano General Curriculum (NMIL)

Campus: New York City (GV)

Course Format: Seminar (R)

Modality: Hybrid

Max Enrollment: 15

Add/Drop Deadline: September 11, 2023 (Monday)

Online Withdrawal Deadline: November 19, 2023 (Sunday)

Seats Available: Yes

Status: Open*

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Building: Online Course
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Date Range: 8/28/2023 - 12/17/2023
Days: Sunday
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Days: Sunday
Times: 10:00am - 5:00pm
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Date Range: 12/3/2023 - 12/3/2023